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Have you experienced a leak in your Volkswagen or Audi Sunroof?

Several Volkswagen and Audi vehicles are experiencing leaks with their sunroofs. As a result, several owners have been forced to pay for panoramic sunroof repairs and replacements. However, it is believed that the defect causing these leaks is a manufacturing defect that existed at the time of delivery. Thus, Volkswagen is liable for the costs of the repairs and under Louisiana law should be held liable for damages and attorney fees.

The extent of the sunroof leak is evident from the technical service bulletins that VW and Audi issued to their dealers.

  • Volkswagen issued a TSB in March 2016 that included tips for replacing faulty sunroof frames.
  • In April of 2016 dealers were informed about customers complaining about water leaks from the sunroof drain tubes.
  • Late April of 2016 or early May of 2016 another TSB was issued that informed dealers about sunroof frames that caused problems with the shades.
  • In September 2016, VW issued a TSB entitled, “PANORAMIC SUNROOF INSPECTION AND REPAIR PROCEDURE” in case the sunroofs leaked.
  • Another bulletin was issued in January 2017 that included a special notice for dealerships to return all sunroof repair kits. Technicians were told to return any kit labeled 5GM898041 and replace it with kit 5GM898041A.
  • In August 2017, a TSB informed dealers about repairs “to prevent water leaks into the interior of the vehicle that could be caused by cracks in the sunroof frame.” Dealerships were also told to perform repairs on any affected vehicles in stock before they were sold to the public.

Water Damage & Liability

Customers claim the leaking sunroofs cause distractions while driving and foggy windshields from condensation. Additionally, a leaking sunroof can damage important electrical components related to safety functions. The water ruins carpets and parts of the interior which creates mold growth and moldy odors.

If you have experienced any of these problems with your vehicle, contact me, I CAN HELP YOU! !

I am a Consumer Law Attorney with over 25 years of experience successfully handling thousands of these types of cases throughout the United States. Louisiana law allows you to pursue a claim regardless of the number of repair attempts or days in the shop. Louisiana law allows you to recover damages and attorney fees if your vehicle possessed a manufacturing defect that existed at the time of delivery that caused your vehicle to be useless or so inconvenient that you would not have purchased the vehicle. Depending upon the severity of the defect, the law provides for a return of the purchase price or a cash award plus attorney fees! The award or settlement is typically based on the severity of the defect, the number of repair attempts and the number of days in the shop for repair.

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