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  1. WE LISTEN. The details of your experience and the damages it has caused you and your family are extremely important to us and your case.
  2. WE CARE. With us, you are not a number, a file in a cabinet, you are one of a kind and you matter!
  3. RESOURCES. We have the financial resources needed to take all measures necessary to provide for the best possible result.
  4. EXPERIENCE AND SKILL. Over 25 years of trial and courtroom experience.
  5. COMMITMENT. My life has always been based upon the philosophy if it is worth doing then it is worth doing it right. The value of the case has never dictated my effort or commitment. I do it one way, the right way!
  6. INTEGRITY. Honor and character are the foundation of our firm.
  7. RESULTS. While we cannot promise results, we can promise hard work, commitment and integrity which have resulted in the recovery of millions on behalf of our clients.

If you demand individual attention and an attorney who is committed to doing his best to represent you and who you know you can trust, then you have found that attorney. Contact us and we will fight for you!

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Defective Autos & RVs

You spent thousands on a vehicle or an RV. Instead of using and enjoying your new purchase, you are trying to make arrangements for your vehicle or RV to be repaired. Problem after problem, repair after repair and days on end without your vehicle or RV. What do you do? Do you have any rights?

Louisiana law provides remedies for consumers when their products contain hidden defects that existed at the time of purchase and manifested after your use of the vehicle or RV. Remedies include the manufacturer repurchasing the vehicle or RV or requiring the manufacturer to compensate you by reducing the vehicle or RV’s purchase price. In addition to damages you may be able to recovery attorney fees and costs. In order for you to obtain the best possible result, you need an attorney with experience in Louisiana consumer law. Duck Law Firm has recovered millions for consumers just like you.

Call Duck Law Firm if you want the dealers and the manufacturers to give you the attention and respect you deserve and you want to hold them accountable for the quality, or lack there, of the product they made and sold to you.

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What is Redhibition?2019-10-09T09:22:24-05:00

Redhibition is unique to Louisiana. Under Louisiana “redhibition” laws a seller warrants to you that the vehicle is free from defects and vices. A defect is redhibitory when it renders the vehicle useless or so inconvenient that you would not have purchased the vehicle had you know of the defect at the time of sale.

What damages can I recover under “Redhibition”?2019-10-22T09:34:38-05:00

Depending upon the nature and the severity of the defect, you may be entitled to:

  1. Rescission of the sale, which would include the purchase price, interest and costs to maintain the vehicle; or
  2. Reduction of purchase price which is the difference in the amount you paid for the vehicle and what a reasonable person would have paid had they known of the defect at the time of sale.
What is the minimum number of repairs or days out of service for me to pursue a “Redhibition” case against the seller and manufacturer of my vehicle?2019-10-09T09:21:08-05:00

None! Unlike the “lemon law”, in order recover under “Redhibition” you need only show that a defect existed at the time of sale that rendered the vehicle useless or so inconvenient that a reasonable person who not have purchased the vehicle had they known of the defect or would have purchased for a reduced price.

How much do you charge to represent me for a redhibition or lemon law case?2019-10-09T09:20:30-05:00

Our fee is contingent upon making a recovery on your behalf. If we do not make a recovery then you do not owe a fee. If we make a recovery then our charge is based upon a percentage of the gross recovery and/or an agreed amount paid by the dealer and/or manufacturer.

Each case requires its’ own evaluation.2020-06-22T13:28:17-05:00

The amount of damages you recovery are typically determined by the severity of the defect and the extent that the defect has impaired the use of the vehicle. Each case requires its’ own evaluation.

Do you charge for an evaluation?2021-09-08T11:10:57-05:00

No. We provide a free case evaluation so that you can make an informed decision about your case.

How long will it take to resolve my case ?2019-10-09T10:46:29-05:00

As long as it takes to obtain the best possible result. Remember, if it is worth doing, it is worth doing right.

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