How much is my case worth?

If you were injured in an accident as a result of the fault of another then you may recover damages which include pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, mental anguish, wage loss, loss of earning capacity, past medical expenses and future medical expenses. All of these damages will be unique to you and [...]

What is the case about?

GM intentionally installed multiple emissions-cheating devices in affected Chevy and GM diesel trucks in violation of federal requirements. The “cheat device” allows the vehicle to pass emission tests but violates state and federal law. If you are required to repair your vehicle to comply with the state and federal laws then we believe your vehicle [...]

What will it cost me?

Nothing unless I make a recovery on your behalf. The fee is contingent upon us making a recovery on your behalf. If we are able to obtain a rescission of sale or cancellation of the contract then we will request that GM pay the legal fees. If a cash award or cash settlement is reached [...]

Do I have a claim?

If you served in the military between 2003 and 2015 and were issued 3M Dual-End or Reversible Combat Arms Earplugs (CAEv2) and have been diagnosed with Hearing Loss or Tinnitus (Ringing in Ear) you may be eligible for compensation.

What do I need to do get started?

Fill out the contact information and submit for our review. We will contact you to obtain additional information and then you will be provided a free consultation to discuss your case.