Does talcum powder have asbestos in it?

Not all talcum powder contains asbestos, but some of the talc sourced for talcum powder is naturally contaminated with asbestos. Certain brands of talcum powder have tested positive for asbestos in the past. Some of these brands include Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder, Cashmere Bouquet Body Talc and Old Spice After Shave Talc.

Is talc a carcinogen?

Asbestos-contaminated talc is a carcinogen capable of causing cancers of the lung, mesothelium and ovaries. Research is currently inconclusive on whether asbestos-free talc is carcinogenic to humans.

What are the benefits of this Settlement?

As a Class Member, you could potentially receive one of the following benefits: The Settlement will provide an extension of the Nissan New Vehicle Limited Warranty for the transmission assembly and automatic transmission control unit (ATCU) in all class vehicles by 24 months or 24,000 miles. Reimbursement for replacements or qualifying repairs if the work [...]

Can I get out of the Settlement?

You can, this is referred to as “excluding yourself” or “opting out.” If you exclude yourself, you will not be able to receive the settlement benefits. However, you will not be bound by the terms and conditions of the settlement and will have the opportunity to pursue and collect damages owed to you.

How can I exclude myself from the Settlement?

In order to exclude yourself, you need to mail a request for exclusion postmarked no later than February 7, 2020. It must be form specific and comply with Court requirements or it will be rejected. If you choose to opt-out, then we will assist to make sure everything is completed properly and mailed quickly. If [...]

How much will it cost me?

Our fees and costs are based on a contingency fee. In other words, we only receive fees and our costs if we recover anything for you. Our fees and costs will be taken out of a successful settlement or verdict. The specific terms and conditions are set forth in our fee agreement which we will [...]

What is my claim worth?

The value of your injury claim after an accident will depend largely on factors such as the nature and severity of the injuries you sustained, the type of treatment required and whether or not the injury causes a disability that impair your function, quality of life and ability to work.

When should I contact a personal injury attorney?

Your first priority should be taking care of yourself. Get the medical care you need immediately following an accident and get settled back at home. Then, if you believe the other party was responsible, you can get in touch with a personal injury attorney. In Louisiana, the statute of limitations to file a personal injury [...]

How long does it take to resolve an accident claim?

The time it takes to process, negotiate and settle your claim can vary. In personal injury actions, the severity of the injury is a key factor in determining the value of your claim and how long it will take to resolve the case. Each case is unique and the time to resolve the claim may [...]