Absolutely, if you want to recover a fair amount for all of the damages owed to you. Insurance companies employ adjustors who are trained and supervised to minimize the amount they pay on claims. Their loyalty is to their employer and shareholders. They look out for their best interest, not yours. For example, did you know that if your automobile is damaged as a result of the negligence of another driver that in addition to being liable to you for the repair of the vehicle, the driver also owes you loss of use and damages for the diminished value of your vehicle ? Insurers will not offer to make such payments unless you know your rights. If you are going to a “gunfight” make sure you bring a “gun”!

A skilled and experienced personal injury lawyer knows the damages that you are entitled to recover and knows the range of recovery that is fair and reasonable for your damages. At Duck Law Firm, we have the skills, experience and resources to achieve the best possible results.