Which Mercedes Benz models were affected?

"Clean Diesel" vehicles with software designed to cheat emission testing: 2014-2016 E250 BlueTEC 2007-2008 E320 BlueTEC 2011-2013 E350 BlueTEC 2009 GL320 BlueTEC 2010-2016 GL350 BlueTEC 2013-2015 GLK250 BlueTEC 2009 ML320 BlueTEC 2010-2015 ML350 BlueTEC 2009 R320 BlueTEC 2010-2013 R350 BlueTEC 2012-2013 S350 BlueTEC 2010-2017 Sprinter BlueTEC

How much will it cost me?

Our fees are contingent upon what we recover on your behalf. If we do not make a recovery, then you do not owe a fee. If we do make a recovery, our charged is based on a percentage of the gross recovery and/or an agreed upon amount paid by the dealer or manufacturer.

What is the Clean Air Act?

This legislation, passed in 1970, authorized state and federal regulations to limit emissions from industrial and mobile sources. It additionally led to the creation of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

Which Ford models were affected?

The vehicles affected by this emissions scandal are the 2011-2017 Ford F250, F350, and F450 Super Duty Diesel models. Additionally, Ford is facing further scrutiny from the Department of Justice. They are investigating Ford's emission testing for the 2019 Rangers and Ford 150 trucks.

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